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Drew's Stews

Greens and Beans and Couscous Scenes

Greens and Beans and Couscous Scenes

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vegan nut-free

This is basically bliss in a bowl. Hearty, healthy and comforting—and talk about depth of flavah! By itself it's wowsers, but with some grated parmesan? Fasten your seatbelts, folks!

INGREDIENTS: spinach, cannellini beans, red kidney beans, celery, pearled couscous, carrots, yellow onions, La Padella olive oil blend, parsley, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, kosher salt, coriander, fennel seed, mustard seed, allspice, cumin, basil, rosemary, black pepper, Aleppo pepper, thyme, oregano, Italian herbs, bay leaves

ALLERGEN NOTICE: contains gluten

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