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Nallie Pastures

Dozen Eggs from Nallie Pastures

Dozen Eggs from Nallie Pastures

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One dozen fresh eggs from our friend Farmer Steve, chief chicken herder, at Nallie Pastures in Dracut, MA.

Each day on their farm, all of the chickens are moved to a fresh area of grass to eat. This daily movement naturally fertilizes the pasture and after a few days, the grass grows back stronger and greener in response to the pruning and fertilization caused by the chickens. This process builds healthy soil and sequesters carbon in the ground, which helps reverse climate change. They act as the steering wheel, brake, and gas pedal in this symbiotic relationship that happens in nature between plants and animals.

100% Antibiotic Free
Moving them every single day means there is no need for any antibiotics since they are not sitting all day in their own manure housed in a building.

Respecting the Chicken-ness of the Chicken
They believe in letting chickens express their natural instincts. Chickens are not vegetarians, they are omnivores. Access to fresh ground gives them the ability to scratch and peck for crickets and earthworms.

“Chicken and eggs from Nallie Pastures is by far the best I've ever eaten. The delicious flavor and tenderness elevates a simple chicken dinner to a whole new level. Baked, roasted, grilled or sauteed, it's perfect every time. My favorite is the boneless breast! And of course, the eggs are also fabulous. You can't get healthier or fresher eggs. Steve and Alex are so dedicated and passionate about producing top quality beyond organic products and I love buying from their farm.”
-Janet, Dracut

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