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La Dolda

La Dolda Creste di Gallo Pasta

La Dolda Creste di Gallo Pasta

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vegan vegetarian organic

Italian Organic Durum Semolina, 1lb bag

You’ll love handcrafted, fresh pasta following ancient recipes of the northern Italian tradition, made with 100% organic flour imported from Italy. Our friends at La Dolda make pasta from scratch with love, passion and dedication, using the best ingredients nature has to offer.

They import 100% organic flour from Italy, sourcing it from the best Italian mills. Their flour is certified organic and non-GMO. Only bronze dies are used for the extrusion process, giving the pasta the ideal “rough” texture that enables sauces to cling to the pasta. Drying takes place at low temperatures for over 18 hours, to preserve the nutritional and sensory qualities of the product. The finished pasta is packaged by hand, in order to ensure a delicate packaging process.

INGREDIENTS: organic Italian durum wheat semolina flour, water

ALLERGEN NOTICE: contains gluten

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