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Drew's Stews

Lemony Broccoli Kale: With This We Prevail

Lemony Broccoli Kale: With This We Prevail

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vegan vegetarian nut-free gluten-free dairy-free

Tangy, healthy and the perfect foray into spring! Try this one hot or cold, it's delightful any way you serve it. Dollop of yogurt or shave of parm? Yes, please!

INGREDIENTS: broccoli florets, gold potatoes, kale, celery, yellow onions, orange juice, carrots, lemon juice, La Padella olive oil blend, parsley, kosher salt, sherry vinegar, coriander, star anise, fennel seed, allspice, rosemary, sumac, basil, black pepper, bay leaves, lemon zest

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