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Borscht, But of Courscht!

Borscht, But of Courscht!

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vegan vegetarian nut-free gluten-free dairy-free

My dear Ukrainian friends used to make their national soup for me when I lived in the Netherlands, which we enjoyed with crusty bread, vareneky (potato dumplings) and plenty of Belgian beer. Now we're bringing you their ruby gold in a voluptuous vegan version. All proceeds from this batch of borscht will benefit the Ukrainian Red Cross. Slava Ukraini, and long live your amazing people and cuisine!

INGREDIENTS: beets, red kidney beans, canned cherry tomatoes, gold potatoes, celery, carrots, savoy cabbage, yellow onions, green bell peppers, tomato paste, maple syrup, apple cider vinegar, La Padella olive oil blend, fresh dill, garlic, kosher salt, allspice, rosemary, black pepper, bay leaves

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