Our Partners

We've partnered with several local, like-minded businesses to bring you more delicious products.

Bread Obsession - Lexington, MA

Bread Obsession

Bread Obsession is deeply committed to crafting bread that will not only fulfill the need for this daily staple but will also bring pleasure and satisfaction. People have been making bread for thousands of years, but it is only in recent times that the focus on convenience and the onslaught of marketing propaganda has convinced people to sacrifice flavor, quality, beauty, and healthfulness. Bread Obsession aims to reverse these regrettable trends by making nutritious, beautiful, delicious breads by hand, one loaf at a time. 

Craic Sauce - Lowell, MA

Craic Sauce

Brian Ruhlmann started Craic Sauce in 2017 after being inspired from interviewing other hot sauce makers all over the world on CraftHotSauce.com. Brian was making hot sauce as a hobby in Ireland, but when he moved back to the US he decided he wanted to start a hot sauce company with the guiding light of having good craic! Craic is an Irish word that means having a great time. Today Brian and his team still has great craic making their flavorful hot sauces by hand in their commercial kitchen in Lowell, Mass and enjoys creating new flavors. To learn more about the story of Craic Sauce, check out their Craft Hot Sauce profile.

Fat Moon Farm - Lowell, MA

Fat Moon Farm

Fat Moon Farm grows local, organic mushrooms that are unsurpassed in freshness, flavor, nutrition, and beauty. Their unique, gourmet varieties can be used in all your favorite recipes. Farmer/owner Elizabeth Almeida didn’t start out as a mushroom grower. In 2011, she leased land in Massachusetts’ Merrimack Valley and launched a vegetable CSA. “I loved being able to feed people, the physical work, being my own boss, having flexible hours so I could care for my two children, solving the diverse problems that come up, and playing a role in the local food movement,” Elizabeth says. “But when I tried to buy farm land so I could scale up, the cost was prohibitive.” Elizabeth was faced with the biggest challenge of her career: Finding a crop that she could grow that didn’t require sunlight or a lot of land. While trying to figure this out, Elizabeth bought her son a grow-your-own mushroom kit because he was crazy about mushrooms. She looked at the kit and it hit her: “Aha! Mushrooms!” The funny thing was, she grew up on a farm where they foraged for morel mushrooms, but it’d never occurred to her that she could produce them as a crop. Elizabeth gave herself a crash course in mushroom growing and began commercial production in 2016. Read more at https://fatmoonmushrooms.com/.

Just Hummus - Medford, MA

Just Hummus

At JUST HUMMUS we LOVE hummus. We love hummus so much we've dedicated hundreds of hours researching the best ingredients, proper soaking techniques, mixing ratios, consistency, and taste. We've scoured every amazing (and some not so amazing) hummus shop in Israel for a year to find the tastiest hummus in the entire world. Since returning, we’ve made it our mission to bring freshly made hummus into the Boston and New England community to spread, dip, or devour.

Prophecy Chocolate - Wellesley, MA

Prophecy Chocolate"When the eagle and condor once again fly in the sky together our world will return to balance." The Eagle-Condor prophecy embraced by indigenous cultures across the Americas inspired the creation of Prophecy Chocolate. They blend direct trade Peruvian heirloom cacao beans with locally-sourced herbs and superfoods to create delicious hand-crafted chocolates. Read more at prophecychocolate.com

Neighbors Acre Farm - Chelmsford, MA

Karen at Neighbor's Acre

At Neighbor's Acre, they grow microgreens responsibly and with care, boldly unapologetic for our commitment to our earth and community. You will see it in the little things: like less stem, more leaves; creative salad-bar style offerings; superior shelf life; options for live trays and gifts; plant-based, compostable packaging; custom and subscription orders; and always a smile and genuine interest in YOU. Check out their Facebook page.

Valley View Farm - Topsfield, MA

Elizabeth at Valley View Farm

Peter and Elizabeth Mulholland started Valley View Farmstead Cheese in 1998 on Elizabeth's family farm. It remains the only working dairy in Topsfield and one of only a few licensed cheese producers in Essex County. With kids, human and goat, running through the kitchen, yard and barn, they produce handcrafted farmstead goat milk and artisanal cow milk cheeses for fine food restaurants, caterers, specialty foods stores and groceries as well as limited onsite retail sale. They take pride in their products and their work in preserving the rural scenery, small town atmosphere and farming way of life into the 21st century. Valley View Farm also raises chickens and bees and every March boils down sap from the Farm's & neighboring maple trees to produce 40-75 gallons of syrup. Read more at valleyviewcheese.com

Zaazey - Weston, MA and Ada Mountains, Turkey

Zaazey bottles

ZAAZEY® strives to incorporate high ethical standards and socially responsible business practices to produce the finest quality extra virgin olive oil in the world while promoting sustainable agriculture, enhanced return on investments for our farmers, and an honest transparent and open relationship with our growers.