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Prophecy Chocolate

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Our friends at Prophecy Chocolate import cacao beans directly from indigenous family farmers in Peru. Their partner farmers cultivate an ancient heirloom cacao variety known as "Chuncho", meaning "native" in the Quechua language. The bean's high cocoa butter content, balanced flavors, and subtle aromas of Andean and Amazonian fruits and nuts make this cacao one of the finest in the world. Read more about Prophecy here:

1.2oz individually-wrapped bars. Available in several flavors:

  • Classic Maple - Classic and simple. Two farms, two farmers, about 4000 miles apart as the bird flies. This dark chocolate uses Efrain Puma's cacao from his farm "Sol Naciente" (Rising Sun) in Koribeni, Cusco
  • Wild New England - This chocolate bar combines the delicious chuncho cacao with beautiful wildcrafted herbs and fruits from New England. We harvested Wild Maine Blueberries below the sacred Mt. Katahdin in the wilderness for this intense and earthy chocolate.
  • Heart Mind - The bar to balance the heart and mind. All the herbs are from Healing Spirits Herb Farm in Western NY. This herbal combination seeks to enhance and balance both the heart and mind. This is the most intense herbal chocolate we have!
  • Blue Lotus - This delicious chocolate combines the classic taste of the heirloom chuncho cacao wtih marshmallow leaf and root - a traditional herb from Healing Spirits herb farm. The bar is then sprinkled with beautiful and delicate blue lotus flowers to create a sumptuous and uniquely delightful chocolate experience
  • La Mexicana - 70% chocolate with traditional Mexican flavors including vanilla, hot peppers, agave, and heirloom corn.
  • Autumn Spice - Have a taste of Autumn with this dark chocolate. Freeze-dried pumpkin powder pairs nicely with the nutmeg, cinnamon, and American Pecans. Enjoy!
  • Coconut Mylk - This is the chocolate for all Milk Chocolate lovers. Super easy to enjoy for young and old alike - this smooth bar with a subtle coconut flavor and aroma really melts in your mouth leaving you wanting more!
  • Golden Mylk - Vegan White Chocolate!? Yup, that's right; we use coconut milk powder and coconut sugar to provide the perfect backdrop for the classic Ayurvedic herbs that provide the creamy color in this tasty chocolate. Kids love this chocolate!

ALLERGEN NOTICE: Produced in a facility that also processes tree nuts.

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