Organic Fat Moon Mushrooms

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Enjoy 8 oz of Assorted Organic Mushrooms grown by Farmer Elizabeth Almeida at Fat Moon Mushrooms in Westford, MA. Fat Moon specializes in unique, gourmet varieties of mushrooms that are as beautiful as they are delicious and nutritious. Your share will include two or more of the following varieties: Shiitake, Oyster (Blue, Brown, or Yellow), Lions Mane, Piopinno, or Chestnut.

Fat Moon Farm’s organic mushrooms are known for their freshness, flavor, nutrition and beauty and are certified organic by Baystate Organics. They use only organic materials to grow them. All their products are produced in a dedicated warehouse space in Massachusetts’ Merrimack Valley, and they are compliant with farm food safety standards (mGAPs/PSR) and environmental practices as required by the Commonwealth Quality Program for fresh produce that is grown, harvested, and packed in Massachusetts per the Massachusetts Department of Agriculture Resources.

vegan vegetarian organic dairy-free