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Meal Delivery Gift Bundle in Boston, MA

Give the gift of healthy delicious meals! Customize a personalized gift bundles with any combination of our delicious soups, meals, sides and spreads with a variety of offerings from our partners. Whether you're celebrating someone's new home or addition to their family or helping to provide comfort after the loss of a loved one, our meals are a great option. Our meals can make great gift ideas for someone who is graduating, someone with illness, or even someone who recently bought a home! Whatever the occasion, the gift of healthy food is a warm, delicious, and thoughtful option. Gift cards are also available.

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SOUPrise Gifts

The gift of food is often simple yet thoughtful. It is the perfect gift idea for those who do not necessarily need something grand, but rather small and heartwarming. The best kinds of presents are the ones you can eat, of course. Delicious healthy meals from Drew’s Stews can put a smile on just about anybody's face. Perfect as a bereavement gift, soup will provide great comfort to those in mourning. It also doubles as the perfect idea for someone with illness. Soup is the ideal food choice for those who are sick, because the vitamins and minerals in nutritionally dense soup can help speed up the recovery process. Made with quality ingredients, Drew’s Stews make for the perfect gift idea, no matter the situation.

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